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21 janvier 2006

MEME Natural Cold remedy

Rosa from Yumy Yum's Blog has tagged me for the natural cold remedy MEME. So far, I have tried 2 of them: Echinacea and Thym-Propolis, and can recommend one: high doses of vitaminC through the day. And a little liquid diet for a day can only help with resolution of the cold!echinacea_purpurea_0104

As prevention, I took echinacea every morning for about 2 months while my daugthers were coughing. And as kids have not learned to put a hand when coughing, I got 'sprayed' with their viruses several times. As I bought the echinacae in the USA, my supply is limited and I stopped. I recently read that it is better to take this plant 2 weeks in a row and then stop.

I use echinacae to stop a cold by taking massive doses for a few days. I get the feeling that it only milds the symptom of a cold.

Adding pineapple juice and lemon juice to your breakfast helps with vitaminC and remember that calcium helps with the absorption of vitaminC. I tend to chew on 500mg tablets through the day. Remember that you can have a lot of vitamin C through a day and that ingesting it all through the day is better than taking a high dose at once.  At high dose, your bowels may be troubled and this will be the dosage you should not overpass. Some people believe that daily doses of 15g can be beneficial, and not only to counter a cold, but also to keep your arteries clean.

If I tend to cough, thym tea will definitively quieten the symptoms, adding 2 drops of essential oil of thymus will help.  I have been recommended to add 2 drops of propolis as well.

I loved to read the explanations of Sailu about the reasons of the occurence of a cold: imbalance of the Kapha-Vata dosha.  Plants like ginger or cloves are recommended to restore that imbalance.

I found a recipe of 4 cups boiling water with 2 inch ginger (peeled and chopped finely) and 3 cloves garlic (peeled and chooped finely) and 1 lime rind simmering for 20 minutes, and then lime juice. Strain it and add honey.  Sounds pretty drastic, never tried it. Some people add cinnamon sticks.

Cure for gastro troubles: By the way I got hit by a mild gastro (or ate something that didn't agree with me) and rediscovered the 'charbon végétal', a black powder used when you get a strong diarrhea, and contrary to Imodium or any drugs around, it can be given to kids without any undesired secondary effects. Absolutely no taste, but weird color (black), have kids drink it with a straw (2 teaspoons with a little water). It is used in case of food poisoning or poison in your body.  It definitively put me back in order very fast (less than 24 hours).

So i'd like to pass this MEME to Anne from Papilles&pupilles and Cléa from Cléa cuisine.
La fiche de Passeport Santé sur le rhume mentionne l'echnacae et le gingembre.

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  • Moi, je fais des cures d'Echinacea en préventif à raison d'une cure d'une semaine par mois, les mois hivernaux (de Novembre à Mars) et ça me permet de ne pas tomber malade de tout l'hiver. C'est vraiment un remède super !!!

    Posté par amesheures, 21 janvier 2006 à 19:35
  • J'ai beaucoup aimé ton explication forte intéressante. Oui, l'échinacea est très bonne....

    Posté par Rosa, 23 janvier 2006 à 17:13

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